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Success Stories:

"You have provided two of the best human resources I could ask for. My students need to be in contact with people who can give them that extra one-on-one contact, and this was provided through the work of the resource coordinator and the therapist." ~ Principal, Maple Elementary

"I cannot begin to describe the positive impact the resource coordinator, therapists and case managers have had on our students. Fantastic!! Don’t know how we survived without this. (CISCC is) the best thing to ever happen to our school!!!" ~ Principal, Parkwood Elementary

"I believe CIS was the main reason many of my students passed ISTEP that may have otherwise been left behind!" ~ 5th Grade Teacher, Wilson Elementary

"I liked that it was a smaller group setting where a child who is struggling can get one-on-one tutoring to help them become better learner and not get left behind." ~ Parent, Wilson Elementary

"I really liked that the tutor developed a relationship with my daughter and that made my daughter comfortable and her learning easier." ~ Parent, Henryville Elementary

"It helped me because I can get a lot of help for what I need help for." ~ Student, George Rogers Clark Elementary

"Your support has helped tremendously. The Resource Coordinator has impacted so many of our students. She works with them to help meet academic, social and emotional needs, and is part of our school family. Our therapist is fantastic! She has worked so well with our families and students. She has a true passion for kids and we have seen wonderful turn-arounds with many of her cases. The CAPE Director and Executive Director of CISCC have been wonderful support to me as a new principal. The have consulted with me on numerous occasions about how to improve our services at JJ. I appreciate the continued concern and support for our school. I truly cannot imagine our building without the support of CIS." ~ Principal, Jonathan Jennings Elementary

"The students who were served through tutoring and 3, 2, 1, READ programs improved their reading skills. Students participating in Service Club learned the value of hard work and took pride in helping others." ~ Teacher, Silver Creek Elementary

"With our budgets being cut, now more than ever, we need your services. We need as many positive adult role models to give students individual attention as possible." ~ Teacher, GRC Elementary

"CISCC has helped some of my borderline students now be ready for promotion to the next grade level." ~ Teacher, Greenacres Elementary

"I like the homework club very much because it is right after school and it helps my son with his homework and helps him turn it in on time. It has helped improve his grades and taught him better study habits." ~ Parent, Spring Hill Elementary

"The ISTEP prep class taught me things I didn’t know, and then those things showed up on the test!" ~ Student, Borden Elementary

"It helped me by knocking some sense in my head. And I didn’t get in trouble with (my classroom teacher) anymore." ~ Student, Wilson Elementary

"Good morning! My name is Sarah Hockersmith, and I teach fifth grade at Parkwood Elementary School. Janet Clark works in our building with our students. Several weeks ago, one of my students was in the office serving a detention. I had sent his work to the office for him to complete throughout the day. As he was working, he was having difficulty with some of the work. Mrs. Clark asked him if he needed some help. After that day, when the student would see Mrs. Clark in the hallway he would wave and smile. They formed a relationship from just that few minutes that day in the office. He does not have very many positive relationships in his life, and his family struggles to make ends meet. He can be a distraction to others in class, seeking attention, even if it is negative. Mrs. Clark blocked out some time in her schedule to work with the student a few days a week, for thirty minutes. It has made a huge difference. He looks forward to her visits, and is more on task than he has been all year. I really appreciate her extra efforts to reach out to this student and make a difference! I just wanted to share this positive experience with you!" ~ Sarah Hockersmith