On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, our annual 3,2,1 Read Appreciation Breakfast was held at First Christian Church in Jeffersonville, IN. This event is themed around showing our appreciation to the volunteers who dedicate their time to helping struggling readers in grades 1st-3rd grade strengthen their reading skills and confidence. We show them appreciation through a free breakfast and a CIS gift. We also announce the 2017/2018 School Year Volunteer Totals at this event to show the volunteers the impact they are making on our community. The totals are as follows:

Schools                           Total Volunteer Hours

Borden                                                 80

Bridgepoint                                        316

Clarksville                                            145

Henryville                                            225

Jonathan Jennings                           72

Maple                                                   145

Northaven                                          236

Parkwood                                           75

Pleasant Ridge                                  56

Riverside                                             90

Silver Creek Elementary                114

Silver Creek Primary                       122

Spring Hill                                            310

Thomas Jefferson                            23

Wilson                                                  176

Total Hours

2185 volunteer hours at $23.56 an hour (designated amount for volunteer time per hour)= $51,478.60

2185 brand new books were given away this school year! At an average cost of $4.00 a book = $8,740.00

Total Financial Value of the 3,2,1 READ Program


Total Actual value of the 3,2,1 READ Program


We would like to thank all volunteers, donors, board members, Resource Coordinators, and staff for making this program possible!

If you are interested in becoming a 3,2,1 READ volunteer, please contact Julie Moorman: jmoorman@cisclark.org or 812-280-0028

Want to support this program but don’t have time to volunteer? Your donation of $20 a month can provide us with 60 new books to distribute to struggling readers!