CIS of Clark County’s Extended Day Learning program provides top-quality, academically focused before and after school childcare. Extended Day Learning is available for students in Greater Clark and Clarksville school districts and is provided at the school site.

If your student attends a Greater Clark County School, we offer before and after care. Exception for New Washington, we only offer after care. If your student attends Clarksville Elementary we offer before and after care.


Was your child registered in 2019-2020?

For families who were registered for the 2019-2020 year, simply log into the parent portal, add a class, and update any info including payment information.

Is this a new registration?

If you would like to register a new child for EDL, simply complete the registration form.

Steps to register:

  1. Download and read the Parent Handbook. The Spanish version of the handbook is located below.
  2. Fill out the online registration form.
  3. Fill in Direct Debit/Credit Card information at end of the registration form. You will not be charged until services begin.
  4. Submit all.  You will receive an email from the office giving you. information about the Parent Portal and confirming the registration.

Program Information

Tuition and Fees

Full-Time 3-5 days Part-Time 1-2 days Before Care Only After Care Only
One Child $75 $45 $45 $65
Two Children $120 $70 $70 $105
Three Children $150 $90 $90 $130

Please note: weekly fees will not be prorated based on attendance. When you enroll, the rate posted is the rate that will be due Monday of each week.

*$15 fee will be charged for any ACH Bank Drafts that are returned to us unpaid (for any reason).

* $10 late fee will be charged for any account that is 5 days late.

You are paying for your child’s spot in order to use our program. Due to the costs incurred for daily operations to run the program everyone will be expected to pay their tuition rate weekly.


Applications are due to CIS by July 17th.

Scholarships are provided based on income qualifications and are evaluated on  first come, first served basis. Depending on income and household size, families will receive either a 50% discount or a 75% discount off the normal tuition rates.

Families must make an annual income less than:

Number in Household Annual Income
2 $34,713
3 $39,052
4 $43,392
5 $46,646
6 $50,443
7 $53,697
8 $57,494

Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete the EDL Scholarship Application (Spanish Scholarship Application)
  2. Gather 1040 Tax Form from 2019 and one month’s worth of most recent pay stubs
  3. Email all to Nicole Stone at
  4. If you don’t have access to email, you can print the documents and drop into our mailbox at the CIS office (4403 Hamburg Pike). Mailboxes are located near the entrance to the parking lot.

If your financial situation has significantly changed since your taxes were filed or since your last pay stubs, please provide the details of your situation in your email.

All submitted information will be kept confidential and will only be used for determination of scholarship eligibility.


Payment will be automatically charged on Monday of each week to bank account or credit/debit card based on information provided upon registration. To make an individual payment or update account information, visit the parent portal.

*$15 fee will be charged for any ACH Bank Drafts that are returned to us unpaid (for any reason).

* $10 late fee will be charged for any account that is 5 days late.